Hallen first played in a FA Competition back in 1983, playing Paulton Rovers in a preliminary round of the FA Vase. The club had to wait almost fifty years from its formation, before being eligible to enter the FA Cup. A visit to Yate Town in season 2002-03 being the first in the competition. All results in both competitions are listed below.




Season 2017-18

Street (away) Drew 1-1 Extra Preliminary

Street (home) Lost 1-4 Extra Preliminary Replay


Season 2016-17

Blackfield & Langley (away) Lost 0-2 Extra Preliminary


Season 2015-16

Hamworthy United (away) Drew 1-1 Extra Preliminary

Hamworthy United (home) Lost 0-1 Ex Prelim Rd Replay


Season 2014-15

Whitchurch United (away) Drew 1-1 Ex Preliminary Rd

Whitchurch United (home) Won 2-0 Ex Prel Rd Replay

Swindon Supermarine (away) Lost 0-1 Preliminary Rd


Season 2013-14

Whitchurch United (home) Drew 1-1 Extra Preliminary

Whitchurch United (away) Won 2 - 0 Extra Prelim.Replay

Bournemouth (away) Won 4 - 2 Preliminary Round

Hamworthy United (home) Lost 1 - 2 1st Qualifying Rd


Season 2012-13

Fawley (home) Won 4-0 Extra Preliminary Round

Swindon Supermarine (home) Lost 1-4 Prelimary Round


Season 2011-12

Calne Town (home) Won 3-0 Extra Preliminary Round

Mangotsfield United (away) Lost 0-1 Preliminary Round

Hallen re instated. Mangos played a suspended player

Frome Town (home) Drew 2-2 1st Qualifying Round

Frome Town (away) Drew 1-1aet Frome Tn won 4-2 on pens.



Season 2010-11

Winchester City (home) Won 4-1   Extra Preliminary

Bristol Manor Farm (home) Lost 3-4   Preliminary Round



Season 2009-10

Marlow United (away)  Won 2-1   Extra Preliminary

Lymington Town (home) Drew 0-0   Preliminary Round

Lymington Town (away) Won 4-0   Preliminary Replay

Brading Town (away) Drew 1-1   1st Qualifying Round

Brading Town (home) Won 3-0   1st Qualifying Replay

Bridgwater Town (away) Lost 1-0   2nd Qualifying Round



Season 2008-09

Ringwood Town (away) Lost 1-0   Extra Preliminary



Season 2007-08

Fairford Town (home) Won 4-2   Extra Preliminary

Shepton Mallett (away) Won 2-0   Preliminary Round

Sherborne Town (home) Won 2-0   1st Qualifying Round

Chippenham Town (away) Lost 2-0   2nd Qualifying Rd



Season 2006-07

Hamworthy United (away) Won 2-1   Extra Preliminary

Bideford Town (away) Lost 2-1   Preliminary Round



Season 2005-06

Porthleven (home) Won 2-0   Extra Preliminary Round

Swindon Supermarine (home) Lost 1-3   Preliminary Rd



Season 2004-05

Melksham Town  (home) Won 2-0  Preliminary Round

Bemerton Heath Harlequins (home) Won 2-0  1st Qual.

Team Bath (away)  Drew 0-0   2nd Qual. Round

Team Bath (home)  Replay 0-0  aet. Won 5-4 on penalties 

Bishops Cleeve (home)  Won 3-2   3rd Qualifying Round

Canvey Island (away) Lost 4-1   4th Qualifying Round



Season 2003-04

Evesham Town (away) Drew 3-3   Preliminary Round

Evesham Town (home) Won 2-1   Preliminary Round Replay

Highworth Town (home) Lost 2-1   1st Qualifying Round



Season 2002-03

Yate Town (away) Lost 2-4   Preliminary Round




Season 2017-18

Tavistock (away) Lost 0-2 1st Qualifying Round


Season 2016-17

Fawley (home) Won 3-2 1st Qualifying Round

Team Solent Lost 1-3 2nd  Qualifying Round


Season 2015-16

Cribbs (away) Won 2-1 aet 1st Qualifying Round

Bitton (away) Won 3-2 2nd Qualifying Round

Witheridge (away) Won 1-0 1st Round

Moneyfields (home) Lost 0-1 2nd Round


Season 2014-15

Odd Down (Away) Lost 2-3 2nd Round


Season 2013-14

Whitchurch United (home) Won 2-0 1st Qualifying Round

Cowes Sports (home) Won 2-0 2nd Qualifying Round

Cadbury Heath (away) Won 3-1 1st Round

Barnstaple Town (away) Won 4-3 2nd Round

Plymouth Parkway (away) Won 3-1 3rd Round

Alresford Town (home) Won 2-0 4th Round

West Auckland Town (away) Lost 0-2 5th Round


Season 2012-13

Moneyfields (away) Lost 0-6 First Round


Season 2011-12

Street (away) Won 2-0 1st Qualifying Round

Shortwood United (away) Lost 2-3aet 2nd Qual.Round


Season 2010-2011

Cheltenham Saracens (away) Won 2-1 1st Qualifying R

Downton (away) Drew 2-2 aet 2nd Qualifying Round

Downton (home) Lost 1-6 2nd Qualifyng Round Replay


Season 2009-2010

Corsham Town (away) Lost 2-1 2nd Qualifying Round


Season 2008-2009

Reading Town (home) Lost 1-3 2nd Qualifying Round


Season 2007-08

Bristol Manor Farm (home) Won 5-2 aet 1st Qual. Rd

Falmouth Town (home) Won 3-0 2nd Qualifying Round

Wellington (Somerset) (away) Won 2-0 1st Round

Wimborne Town (away) Lost 1-2 2nd Round


Season 2006-07

Brislington (away) Drew 1-1 1st Qualifying Round

Brislington (home) Won 3-1 1st QualifingRound Replay

Newton Abbot (home) Won 3-0 2nd Qualifying Round

Ilfracombe Town (away) Lost 1-2 1st Round


Season 2005-06

Bishop Sutton (away) Won 2-0 2nd Qualifying Round

Slimbridge (home) Lost 1-0 1st Round


Season 2004-05

Ottery St Mary (away) Won 2-1 1st Qualifying Round

Fairford Town (home) Won 3-1 2nd Qualifying Round

Frome Town (away) Lost 0-2 1st Round



Season 2003-04

Pershore Town (home) Won 6-0 2nd Qualifying Round

Hamworthy United (home) Lost 1-2 1st Round


Season 2002-03

St. Blazey (away) Lost 0-1 2nd Round


Season 2001-02

Chichester City United (away) Won 4-2 2nd Round

Lewes (away) Lost 3-0 3rd Round


Season 2000-01

Wellington (Somerset) (away) Won 2-1 1st QualifyingRd

Shortwood United (home) Won 1-0 2nd Qualifying Rd

Harrow Hill (home) Won 4-1 1st Round

Clevedon United (away) Won 2-0 2nd Round

Maldon Town (away) Won 2-1 3rd Round

Barrowash Victoria (home) Won 2-1 4th Round

Brigg Town (away) Lost 6-5 aet 5th Round


Season 1999-2000

Bournemouth (away) Lost 2-0 2nd Qualifying Round



Season 1998-99

Newquay (away) Lost 3-2 2nd Qualifying Round


Season 1997-98

Barnstaple Town (home) Won 2-0 2nd Qualifying Rd

BAT Sports (away) Lost 3-2 1st Round



Season 1996-97

Odd Down (away) Lost 2-3 1st Qualifying Round


Season 1995-96

Odd Down (away) Lost 1-0 1st Qualifying Round


Season 1994-95 Shortwood United (home) Lost 1-2 Preliminary Round


Season 1993-94 Ellwood (home) Won 2-1 Extra Preliminary Round

Minehead (away) played at Hallen Lost 5-2 Preliminary


Not elegible for Seasons 91/92, 92/93


Season 1990-91

Cirencester Town (away) Won 3-1 Extra Preliminary

Devizes Town (away) Won 4-2 Preliminary Round

Old Georgians (home) Lost 2-1 1st Round


Season 1989-90

DRG (FP) (away) Lost 2-4 Extra Preliminary


Season 1988-89

Flight Refuelling (home) Won 1-0 Extra Preliminary

Swanage Town & Herston (home) Drew 1-1 Preliminary

Swanage Town & Herston (away) Won 2-1 Preliminary Replay

Calne Town (home) Won 4-1 1st Round

Paulton Rovers (home) Lost 1-4 2nd Round


Not eligible for seasons 1986/87, 1987/88


Season 1985-86

Keynsham Town (home) Lost 0-1 Preliminary


Season 1984-85 Backwell United (away) Lost 1-3 Preliminary


Season 1983-84

Paulton Rovers (home) Won 3-2 Preliminary

Old Georgians (away) Lost 0-1 1st Round